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Where can I buy my gear?

Finding your gear can be hard. There is so much that goes into it, and for good reason, you're getting hit with an axe! Every fighting league around the world has rules and regulations regarding approved armor and weapons. Be sure to check those before buying, and make your supplier aware as well. Be aware that the average price of armor is between $2,500 and $5,000. Below are people we know and trust. Always check with your Chapter President before you buy!  Be sure to check out our videos on YouTube regarding topics on armor and weapons! 


Suppliers for Armor and Weapons

Medieval Extreme



Medieval Extreme is an extremely popular supplier of armor and weapons. With excellent customer service, low prices, and fast production and shipping times, Medieval Extreme makes much of what we use. IG: @medievalextreme Website here

Age of Craft


age of craft.jpg

Age of craft makes good armor, with some inexpensive options. They also make weapons. They have supplied Nadler Metal Crafts in the past, and you will see much of their armor around the sport. IG: @ageofcraft and Website here

Sharukan Market


Sharukan armor.webp.jpg

Great for both armor and weapons. They specialize in Eastern styles, such as Rus or Golden Horde Mongol. IG: @sharukhanmarket_com Website here 

Steel Mastery


steel mastery.jpg

Excellent gambesons and soft kit, with many options for materials, style, and custom fitment. They also make medieval clothing. For armor, be sure to get Buhurt rated gear.  IG: @steelmastery Website here

Aleksey Perebeynos 



Quality brigandines and armor. Has made armor for several of our teammates, all of which fit well, last through use, and are visually beautiful pieces of armor.

FB: here

Master Uley



Maker of armor used by fighters all around the world, largely within HMB. Those who buy and wear his armor usually swear by it.

Website here    FB: Master Uley

Quilted Armor



Russian based company for building fabric based padded armor. Top tier quality gambesons, as well as the chausses, or even mittens and hoods. They offer a wide selection of colors and patterns that many others do not offer.

FB: here

Buhurt Technologies



Buhurt Tech makes excellent weapons for HMB, IMCF, ACW, etc. They also have fast production times and low pricing, making them quite popular among fighters in the sport. IG: @buhurttechWebsite here.

Fabri Armorum

-Czech Republic


Fabril Amorum makes some of the best swords in the industry. Excellent work, lots of customization options the swords are beautiful both in look and function. We use many Fabri swords here on the Crusaders. Be sure to say you need your sword IMCF/HMB legal. Website here or Facebok here 


Wild Armory



Wild Armory is ran under armorer Maxim Suprovich. He is well known for his incredibly high quality work. We have several fighters here in SLC that have his work.

FB: here      IG: @wildarmoury


Kyle Harris


kyle harris.jpg

Excellent armorer based out of California, USA. He has made many beautiful kits used by top tier fighters around the United States.

FB link: Kyle Harris

IceFalcon Armory


iceFALCON 3.jpg

Icefalcon is ran and owned by Andre Sinou, the head of the ACW. Much of his gear is used all around the US.

Email here:  or visit his webpage here 

Nadler Metal Crafts


Long time distributor of armor for many fighters in the United States. Armor comes from international sources, yet will save cost and time by shipping from within the United States. Previous imports from Age of Craft, yet much of the current gear is from HBC Armor.

Website here

Canadian Buhurt Shop



New maker of armor and weapons. Very functional weapons with good designs. 

FB: here

Bijman Armoury



Friend to us fighters in the US, we use his armor all over the country. Excellent armor, and well known for his double bladed axe.

FB: here         IG: @bijman_armoury

Local Suppliers

Ryan Weaver

-Idaho, USA


Ryan, whose shop also goes by Anvil Dragon, is our neighbor to the north. He has been fighting with and against the team since it's creation. He has made much of the armor and weapons used by our team, and has even helped mentor some of the aspiring blacksmiths. Ryan has years of experience, was a member of the original/first Armored Combat U.S.A. Team,  and was featured on the History Channel show Forged in Fire as well as Knight Fight. More information on his work and pricing contact him here on Facebook. 

ryan 2.jpg
ryan 3.jpg

Evan Peyton

-Utah, USA

"Salt Lake City shields have been battle tested for years in full contact armored combat. Through the years the craftsmanship has only been improved. All construction materials are inspected, only the highest quality is accepted. Just like a well crafted sword, Salt City Shields are known for their strength and flexibility. These shields are strong enough to hold up under 300lbs plus of weight. They are also flexible under the impact of a 15lbs sledge hammer. They are built to absorb the impact rather than break. These are the best shields in the armored combat arena. Please contact for more details and requests." contact: or click here

evan 1.jpg

Kendra M.

-Utah, USA


Kendra has been making dresses and costumes since long before her introduction to the sport of Armored Combat. She largely uses her skills towards the needs of the team,  but will accept commissions if there is space in the queue. Kendra is skilled all things sewing, tabards, gambesons, cloaks, tunics and other medieval clothing. Kendra likes her work sturdy and can be contacted at or clicking here 

region cload.jpg
region cloak front.jpg

Johnathan C.

-Utah, USA


Jacob Omer

-Utah, USA

Jake is one of the long time veterans on the team. He has built all of his own armor, to include the rarely use Japanese armor and weapons he uses now. He is a multiple time USA National Champion in Longsword, and has even competed Internationally. He makes very functional armor, and is now one of the very few who make Japanese armor.

Matt Richardson

-Arizona, USA


"I've been active in medieval style combat since I was 14 years old. In 2012, I watched when Team USA went. to Poland to participate in Battle of the Nations. I went to France in 2013 as part of Team USA. While I came to steel fighting later in my life, I have found it to be one of the most challenging and enjoyable activities in my life. Being part of the ACL and traveling to Spain, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, and Scotland has been incredibly life enriching. I use the shields that I make and sell for combat, and I continue to improve designs and keep costs low. The latest version of shields are the Mk 5. I have an extensive collection of pictures of existing period shields. Send me a request for what you want and we can collaborate on your singles or puncher!"contact Matt here ,  text and pictures courtesy of Matt

sheilds matt 1.jpg
shields matt.jpg
Carly S.
-Utah, USA

Carly has fantastic leatherwork skills. She has made many things for both our team and personal commissions. Though largely focused on team repairs and projects, Carly will accept commissions if she is able. We have been pleased with her work and her fantastic repairs on our stuff. she can be contacted at (541)530-5438 or by clicking here 

carly work 1.jpg
carly work 3.jpg
carly work 2.jpg

Jon has some of the most expensive armor and the fanciest in the league. However his taste for lovely things does not stop at armor. Jonathan has some incredible leather work. His items are sturdy and beautiful making them perfect for Armored Combat however Jon usually is to busy to take new commissions. Jon also does some armor work and repairs.  Contact John or click here

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