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The Salt Lake City Crusaders are Utah's premiere armored combat team. Having formed in 2013 with just a few vaguely trained sword fighters. The Crusaders are now one of the US's largest teams for both men and women with an enthusiastic group of "squires" or support staff that help bring everything together. Our team participates competitively in the sport of "Buhurt" which is widely practiced throughout Europe, and Russia with growing interest in the US,  Asia, and South America. We have members with backgrounds that range from hardcore combat-sport veterans to simple medieval enthusiasts who want to try out something fun. We welcome all, regardless of age and gender to come and join us as warriors or fans at our events.

If you want to learn more about us and the sport of armored combat or are looking to join the team, please visit like and subscribe our various social media pages linked below and feel free to contact us!

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Getting Started in Armored Combat
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Who are the Salt Lake City Crusaders?

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