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Real Armor. Real Weapons. Real Athletes.

Salt Lake City Crusaders 

Armored Combat - also known as Buhurt; is an MMA-style sport where combatants wear real medieval armor and use real medieval weapons to defeat opponents in individual or team battles. All armor and weapons must be accurate to historical records of various countries around the world between the years 1200- 1599 CE.

The Salt Lake City Crusaders are Utah's premiere Armored Combat team. Our team was officially formed in 2015 and since then has produced national and international champions in both the duel and melee categories. We pride ourselves on our team unity and chivalry as we hold ourselves to the highest standards for conduct both on and off the field. 

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upcoming events

June 16-17 ----------------

July 8 ------------------------ 

August 25-26 ----------- 

September 21-23 ----------------

September 23-24 -------------- 

September 29-30 -------------

Pocatello, Idaho

 Orem, Utah

South Jordan, Utah

SLC, Utah

Kuna, Idaho

Hildale, Utah

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